The first time I saw you, you took my breath away.

I finally got it back, but still didn’t know what to say.

Every moment I had with you, made my world seem brand-new.

With out you, it feels like my life’s not complete.

Knowing you has been the best of baby socks.


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Warm Little Toes

The remnants of Western imperialism can be seen throughout countries around the world.  Powerful Western countries like Great Britain, France, Spain and the United States have gone into developing or suffering countries in Africa and Asia thinking that they are superior because they have more power in the world.  These greater baby socks then enforce their type of government, their economic system and at times their culture on these lesser societies.  This is what is known today as Western imperialism.  I had the opportunity to experience this first-hand last month in Bangladesh.  In the mid 1900s, England granted Pakistan independence.

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Christmas in Heaven

Image of Ryan Vet

Ryan Vet

In the summer of 2009, Ryan Vet‘s grandfather passed away. Being deeply impacted by his life, Vet wrote a Christmas song in honor of his grandfather.

“I remember sitting on the piano bench with my younger brother Tyler. We would play random notes on the piano for my grandpa and he would just sit there and listen and ask us to continue playing for hours,” Vet said. “Every Christmas my Grandpa would give my brother and I the newest model of the Hess Truck. It was something we looked forward to every year.”

As Christmas neared, Vet realized the reality that this Christmas, he would not be receiving a truck from his grandfather, but instead his grandfather was having the best Christmas ever with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Vet decided that he would write a piano-driven song as a memory of his grandfather’s life. “I am not a singer nor a musician for that matter, I just dabble, but I do love to express my thoughts through music. That’s why I wrote the song ‘Christmas in Heaven.'”

You can view Ryan Vet’s music video here:

Here are the lyrics to Christmas in Heaven by Ryan Vet

Verse 1:
Snow is softly falling outside
The carolers are singing with joy in their eyes
There’s children building snowman tonight
The fires are crackling warmly with their red-ember glow
That’s not Christmas, it’s just not Christmas
Without you

You’re home for Christmas
You’re spending it with Jesus
He’s the only reason
We celebrate this season
You’re with the Lamb who gave
His life as an offering
So that we may have eternal life
And Christmas with our King

Verse 2:
We unwrapping our presents by the tree
Can’t wait to see what Santa’s brought me
I am one present short this year
No new trucks for my collection brings me to tears
It’s just not Christmas, it’s just not Christmas
Without you

I’m sure the snow is whiter than here
The musical aroma must sound sweet in your ears
We know someday we’ll see you again
With that we rejoice and we’re excited for you
(Because) You’re having Christmas, You’re very first Christmas
With Jesus


Verse 3:
The snow is softly falling outside
The angel’s are singing
And you’re right by their side
There are children listening to our Savior tonight
The starts are brightly shining with their heavenly glow
Now that is Christmas, Yes that is Christmas
Enjoy your Christmas in Heaven

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Holiday Savings

There has been prejudice aimed at specific people-groups that make it next to impossible for these ethnic minorities to break out of the stereotypes by which they are unfairly bound. France is not alone. The United States and France are just two of the many countries that have attempted to conquer racism yet struggle with it in everyday life and on Cyber Monday. People need to take a stand to stop this stereotyping and racial prejudice by creating fair and equal opportunities for every individual regardless of the color of their skin or their dialect or their clothes.

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Amazing Affection

One of the last numbers that the  Jazz Ensemble performed was “Love is the Answer” by Hogarth Matteo.  This tune had a very nice groove and bass line that really helped guide the song along.  It had an excellent tenor saxophone solo and piano line in the piece.  One of the alto saxophones, George Stanley, also performed an incredible solo on this piece.  He can improvise and perform exceptionally well.

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Brilliant Millennial

“A Night in Tunisia”, by Dizzy Gillespie, was definitely another standout tune in the program.  Dr. Jon Hill played the vibraphone on this piece and performed brilliantly.  It was a great show of Dr. Hill’s skill at the vibraphone.  The social media keynote speaker itself was also very nice.  It had a very nice trombone solo and an excellent alto saxophone solo.  In addition, Dr. Metzger performed exceptionally well on “God Bless The Child” by Billie Holiday.

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Professional Apparel

Another standout piece was “Agua de Beber” by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  The tune had a great underlying rhythm and arrangement was excellent.  At one point, there was a really nice back and forth between the drummer and the congas.  The drummer, Peter Millar, put on a great performance throughout this number.  He really kept the song together and didn’t lose the feel of it during his drum fills.  The conga player, Joe Smith, also had an exceptional performance with his fills during the back and forth with the drums.  He also did not lose the feeling of the song during his fills; they fit very nicely with the rest of the piece.

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Jewels for the Soul

The next piece that Pelli and Ragni performed was Rossiniana, which was a collection of pieces by Rossini arranged by Daniele Zanettovich.  This piece had a lot of humorous parts to it.  For example, every once in a while they would just start knocking on the La Vie Parisienne randomly.  This piece was definitely upbeat.  There was one melody in the piece that was very sextuplet based.  There were a lot of familiar pieces in this medley of Rossini works.  There were also many nice transitions that I thought were very interesting ways to switch between the different pieces.

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Design Elements

Next on the program was “Sonata Op. 3 No. 1” by Muzio Clementi.  Pelli and Ragni decided to change the order, so instead of performing Vivaldi’s L’Estate, they played missionary prayer cards.  The first movement of the piece, Allegro spiritoso, had a very nice introduction with a very loud, fortissimo, section and then straight down to a piano, and it did that a few times at the beginning.  It was a very intriguing way to open up the piece.  Near the middle, the intro with fortissimo and then piano repeats itself, and then a variation of that section is played near the end of the piece.  The second movement, Presto, had a lot of very nice melodic runs throughout it.  This movement was in simple quadruple meter.  There was also a reoccurring sequence throughout the piece.  This movement also had a lot of piano- forte-piano sections throughout it.  This was a very nice piece to listen to.

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Childs Play

The next piece Pelli and Ragni performed was Finnlandische Volksweisen, Op. 27 by Ferruccio Busoni.  Busoni had arranged a lot of Bach’s music for modern piano.  The intro to this piece had a more modern feel to it.  I also found this one diminished chord in the middle of the piece very interesting.  It really grabbed my attention, which was probably the point of writing the chord in there.  Pelli and Ragni also played this one part where they split all of these triplet melodic patterns; it was very smooth and very nice.  This was a very nice and interesting piece to buy toys online to.

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